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Buy and sell textbooks directly from students at SUNY Empire State College with the help of Empire State College Bookstore. The Book Swap is here to help SUNY Empire State College students easily buy and sell textbooks online. Students may submit listings to the Book Swap for textbooks they wish to sell. List your textbook today!

Please note:  The Book Swap Page is hosted on the Empire State College Bookstore's website as a convenience for our students.  The Bookstore is not responsible for the accuracy of books and packages listed on this site.  All swaps and sales should be considered final unless previously arranged between both parties.  If you are looking to purchase a package, please be sure to ask if the package is complete.  Web access codes will likely not work in a previously owned book or package.  Since different terms sometimes use different course materials, be sure you are obtaining materials for the term you are taking the course.  Do not rely solely on the course number by the book listed.  Books are listed for 30 days.

Looking To Buy?

Simply enter the textbook information below to search the SUNY Empire State College and Empire State College BookstoreBook Swap inventory.  Entering the book ISBN is the best way to be sure you are searching for the correct book for your course since many books have similar titles, and authors may have multiple books listed.

Looking To Sell?

Do you have a textbook you would like to swap or sell? Log in below and enter the ISBN of your textbook to start the process.