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Numeric CDL List

CDL *All Courses* Alphabetical List

*Not all courses are offered every term.*

To find a specific course by course number, hold down the "ctrl" and "f" key at the same time, then type in the course ber.


Course Course Name
EDU-233062 21st Century Careers: Advanced
EDU-232062 21st Century Careers: Introductory
ART-221654 A World of Art
HDV-284074 Abnormal Psychology
SMT-274404 Abstract Algebra 1: Group Theory
BME-211956 Accounting for Decision Makers
BME-213204 Accounting for Governmental and Not-for-Profit Organizations
BME-213214 Accounting Information Systems
CHS-253854 Adolescence and Addictions
HDV-283174 Adolescence and Identity: Home, School, Community
HDV-283204 Adult Development
HDV-283184 Adults as Learners: Theories and Strategies
BME-214014 Advanced Accounting
NUR-204094 Advanced Clinical Experience
NUR-203024 Advanced Health Assessment
NUR-203244 Advanced Nursing Physiology
CHS-264334 Advanced Principles of Safety and Survival
CUL-223214 Advanced Spanish for Health Care Professionals
CUL-223294 Advanced Spanish: Language and Culture
HIS-243344 African History and Culture
HDV-283254 Aging and Society
SMT-271104 Algebra
CHS-264644 Alternatives to Incarceration
CHS-264624 American Corrections: Theory, Policy and Practice
HIS-243234 American Ethnic History
CUL-222404 American Literature: 1600-1865
CUL-222414 American Literature: 1865-Present
ART-223414 American Popular Music in the Twentieth Century
SOC-263454 America's Founding Ideas
HIS-242504 An Economic History of the West
SOC-242404 An Introduction to Culture
CUL-222224 An Introduction to Philosophy
CHS-264044 Analytical Approaches for the Fire and Emergency Services
HDV-284284 Analyzing Behavioral Choices
CHS-264124 Applications of Fire Research
ART-223514 Art History: A Study of Cultures
ART-222444 Artistic Expression in a Multicultural America
ART-223524 Arts Management
HIS-244294 Asian American Experience
EDU-232032 Assessing Learning
HDV-281124 Attachment in Early Childhood
HDV-283124 Attachment: Continuity and Separation: Advanced
BME-214024 Auditing
HDV-283474 Behavioral Neuroscience
SMT-271014 Biology I
SMT-271024 Biology II
SMT-272204 Biology of Ecosystems
SMT-273364 Biology of the Brain
SMT-272112 Bioterrorism
HDV-282274 Brain and Behavior
SMT-274604 Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
BME-213034 Business Enterprise in American History
BME-214754 Business Ethics
SMT-212034 Business Mathematics
BME-214824 Business Policy: A Team-Based Approach
BME-214544 Business, Government and Society
BME-213322 Business-to-Business Marketing
SMT-272104 Calculus 1
SMT-272144 Calculus 2
SMT-273144 Calculus 3
CUL-224324 Capstone in Media and Communications
HIS-244224 Caribbean History and Culture
CHS-252114 Case Management
SMT-274244 Cell Biology
CHS-253184 Chemical Addiction: Theories and Practices
CHS-253186 Chemical Addiction: Theories and Practices
SMT-271044 Chemistry I
SMT-271054 Chemistry II
SMT-272454 Chemistry in Context
HDV-283154 Child Development
CUL-224524 Children's Literature: Advanced
CUL-222514 Children's Literature: Introductory
SOC-263214 Citizen Participation in the Political Process
HDV-282204 Cognitive Psychology
CUL-221624 College Writing
CUL-223314 Communication Analysis
CUL-223424 Communication through New Media
CUL-223884 Communications and the Law
CUL-222304 Communications for Professionals
SMT-273334 Communications Technology Convergence
CHS-253554 Community Health
NUR-204084 Community Health Nursing
CHS-253124 Community Organizing
CHS-264094 Community Risk Reduction for the Fire and Emergency Services
CHS-264614 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
SOC-263414 Comparative Politics
BME-213754 Compensation, Organizational Strategy and Performance
SMT-271454 Computer Applications
SMT-272954 Computer Information Systems
SMT-273324 Computer Operations and Security
CHS-263652 Constitutional Criminal Procedure
BME-213914 Consumer Behavior
SOC-281214 Contemporary American Social Issues
SMT-274544 Contemporary Environmental Issues
SOC-284544 Contemporary Global Social Issues
BME-211344 Contemporary Issues in Economics
SMT-271954 Contemporary Mathematics
BME-213514 Corporate Finance
BME-213104 Cost Accounting
HDV-284044 Counseling Theory
Number Course Name
CHS-263694 Courts and the Administration of Justice
CUL-224454 Creative Nonfiction: Advanced
CUL-221454 Creative Nonfiction: Introductory
CUL-222504 Creative Writing: Fiction
CHS-264664 Crime and Intelligence Analysis
CHS-263614 Criminal Justice Management and Policy
CHS-263672 Criminal Law
CHS-252154 Crisis Intervention
HDV-283544 Cultural Psychology
SMT-273614 Cyber Crime and Computer Forensics
ART-223504 Dance Across World Cultures
SMT-273304 Data Communications and Networking
SMT-274304 Data Structures and Algorithms
SMT-273354 Database Application Development
SMT-273984 Database Systems
CHS-254424 Developing Early Childhood Programs
CHS-254324 Developing Infant Toddler Programs
HDV-283112 Developmental Neurobiology: The Human Lifespan
HDV-284234 Developmental Psychopathology
CHS-263634 Deviant Behavior
ART-224444 Digital Art and Design: Advanced
ART-222454 Digital Art and Design: Introductory
CUL-223054 Digital Storytelling
CHS-252054 Disabled in America
SOC-283434 Disaster and Society
CHS-264064 Disaster Planning and Control
SMT-271604 Discovering Math Across Generations
SMT-273104 Discrete Mathematics
BME-214654 Dispute Resolution in the Workplace
BME-213164 Diversity in the Workplace
CHS-253164 Documentation in Human Services
ART-224314 Documenting Community Arts and Traditions
SMT-271504 Ecology, Adaptation and Sustainable Development
SMT-273154 Economic Issues and Strategies for IT
CHS-253724 Economic Issues in Health Services
BME-212214 Economics/Macro
BME-212224 Economics/Micro
EDU-233082 Educational Planning Workshop: Advanced
EDU-232082 Educational Planning Workshop: Introductory
NUR-203014 Educational Planning: Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing
HDV-284334 Educational Psychology
EDU-232042 Effective Academic Writing
CHS-263824 Emergency Communications
CHS-263284 Emergency Services Training and Education
BME-214874 Employment and Labor Law
BME-213904 Employment Law
SMT-271544 Energy: The Issues and the Science
BME-214704 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
CHS-264502 Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice
HIS-243854 Ethnic Conflict in Global Perspective
SMT-272054 Ethnobotany
SMT-273194 Evolution: One Long Argument
HDV-283454 Evolutionary Psychology
HDV-283354 Experimental Psychology
ART-224754 Exploring Place: Arts
HIS-244774 Exploring Place: History
CUL-224764 Exploring Place: Humanities
SOC-282124 Exploring Society
EDU-232172 Exploring the Disciplines: Information Systems
EDU-233172 Exploring the Disciplines: Information Systems
EDU-232072 Exploring the Disciplines: Literature
EDU-233032 Exploring the Disciplines: Thinking Mathematically
EDU-233422 Exploring the Professions: Child Care Advanced
EDU-232422 Exploring the Professions: Child Care Introductory
ART-221514 Exploring the World of Music
SOC-284434 Families: A Global Perspective
HDV-283304 Family and Society
CHS-253504 Family Intervention
HDV-283314 Family Violence and Abuse
HIS-243194 Fashion in U.S. History
CHS-264014 Fire and Emergency Services Administration
HIS-243054 Fire and Western Civilization
CHS-264104 Fire Investigation and Analysis
CHS-264024 Fire Prevention, Organization and Management
CHS-264074 Fire Protection Structures and Systems
CHS-264054 Fire Related Human Behavior
HIS-243134 First Peoples of North America
CUL-223604 Food and Drink in Cultural Context: Advanced
CUL-222604 Food and Drink in Cultural Context: Introductory
NUR-203234 Forensic Nursing
HDV-284164 Forensic Psychology
CUL-221324 French 1
CUL-221334 French 2
CHS-254184 Funding and Human Service Organizations
SOC-242204 Gays and Lesbians in American Culture
SMT-273384 Genetics
SMT-273764 Geographic Information Systems and the Use of Spatial Information
SMT-271404 Geology and the Environment
SMT-272114 Global Climate Change
NUR-203254 Global Health
HIS-242114 Global History from the 15th Century
HIS-242104 Global History to the 15th Century
SOC-263444 Global Perspectives on Political Theory
HIS-213254 Globalization: Business and Society in the Information Age
SMT-272774 GPS and the New Geography
CHS-254044 Grief and Loss
CHS-253204 Group Work Practices
NUR-204224 Healing and Wellness of the Whole Person
NUR-204034 Health Care Delivery Systems and Policy
SMT-273124 Health Informatics
HDV-284174 Health Psychology
SOC-283164 Health, Illness and Society
HIS-243554 Hip-Hop America: The Evolution of a Cultural Movement
HIS-243094 Hispanic/Latino Peoples of the United States
HIS-244444 Historiography
HDV-284104 History and Systems of Psychology
CUL-223544 History and Theory of New Media
BME-213124 History of Economic Thought
SMT-272904 History of Mathematics
SMT-273904 History of Mathematics
HIS-244534 History of Sexuality
BME-214464 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Management
SMT-272364 Human Biology
HDV-282174 Human Development
HDV-283224 Human Exceptionalities
HDV-284404 Human Learning: A Developmental Approach
SMT-272354 Human Nutrition
BME-213504 Human Resource Management and Development
CHS-254124 Human Service Ethics
CHS-253144 Human Service Management
CHS-253324 Human Service Practice with Older Adults
CHS-253114 Human Services Delivery
HDV-283334 Human Sexuality
ART-221634 Humanities through the Arts
CUL-222342 Humor in the Workplace
CUL-224504 Ideal Worlds: Utopian Literature
ART-223124 Illustration
ART-223534 Images of Women in Western Civilization
BME-213604 Income Tax 1
BME-213624 Income Tax 2
EDU-233104 Independent Learning Strategies
HDV-284504 Infant and Toddler Development: Advanced
HDV-282504 Infant and Toddler Development: Introductory
SMT-273494 Information Assurance
CUL-224104 Information Design
EDU-232012 Information Literacy
SMT-271224 Inquiry into Physics
CUL-221232 Intercultural Communications
BME-213014 Intermediate Accounting 1
BME-213024 Intermediate Accounting 2
BME-213314 International Business
BME-214214 International Business Law
BME-213974 International Cross-Cultural Management
BME-214514 International Economics
EDU-232182 International E-learning Skills: EP Workshop for Russian Special Pro
BME-213424 International Finance
BME-213874 International Human Resource Management
LAB-262724 International Labor Issues
BME-214324 International Marketing
BME-214424 International Political Economy
SOC-262454 International Politics and Relations
BME-213924 Internet Marketing
CUL-222332 Interpersonal and Small Group Communications
CHS-252134 Interviewing Skills and Techniques
CUL-222242 Intro to Ethics (2cr)
CUL-222244 Intro to Ethics (4cr)
SMT-272504 Introduction to C++ and OOP
HDV-281154 Introduction to Child Development
CUL-221014 Introduction to College Reading and Writing
EDU-232022 Introduction to College Studies
CHS-262604 Introduction to Criminal Justice
EDU-232312 Introduction to Critical Thinking
SOC-282224 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SMT-272404 Introduction to Data Management Tools
CHS-262804 Introduction to Emergency Management
CHS-262814 Introduction to Emergency Planning
BME-212704 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
CHS-252094 Introduction to Human Services
CHS-261102 Introduction to Law and the Legal System
CUL-221404 Introduction to Literature
CUL-221214 Introduction to Mass Communications
SMT-272124 Introduction to Networks
SMT-272984 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming: JAVA
HDV-282164 Introduction to Psychology
CHS-262164 Introduction to Public Administration
CUL-222034 Introduction to Religious Studies
ART-221114 Introduction to Studio Art
ART-221434 Introduction to the History of Western Architecture
SMT-271354 Introduction to Web Publishing with HTML
SOC-281324 Introduction to Women's Studies
BME-212054 Introductory Accounting 1
BME-212064 Introductory Accounting 2
SMT-271434 Introductory Astronomy
CUL-221244 Introductory Chinese: Language and Culture
CUL-221224 Introductory Italian: Language and Culture
CUL-221194 Introductory Spanish for Health Care Professionals
CUL-221294 Introductory Spanish: Language and Culture
SMT-271564 Invention by Design
CHS-253174 Investigative Theory and Practice
BME-213524 Investing
CHS-254714 Issues in Health Policy and Management
CHS-264604 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
LAB-263714 Labor Economics
LAB-214664 Labor Law
LAB-263154 Labor Movement: Ideas, Ideologies and Structures
BME-213654 Labor/Management Relations
HIS-243154 Latin America: History, Politics and United States Policy
HDV-283654 Learning and Memory
EDU-233222 Learning Styles
CHS-253744 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services
BME-212154 Legal Environment of Business 1
BME-212164 Legal Environment of Business 2
SMT-273014 Linear Algebra
CUL-223454 Literary Interpretation as a Method of Inquiry
EDU-231402 Making Time: Time Management and the Sociocultural Construction of T
CHS-253754 Managed Care
SMT-273754 Management Information Systems
CHS-253304 Management of Health Services
BME-212314 Management Principles
CHS-264134 Managerial Issues in Hazardous Materials
BME-214624 Managerial Leadership
CHS-264834 Managing Bioterrorism and Public Health Emergencies
BME-214234 Managing the Service Sector Operation
SMT-273374 Marine Biology
BME-213414 Marketing Communications: Advertising and Promotion
BME-213942 Marketing Ethics
BME-213804 Marketing Management
BME-214934 Marketing Planning and Strategy
BME-212414 Marketing Principles
BME-214924 Marketing Research
CHS-264854 Mass Disasters: Implications for Public Policy
SMT-271854 Math for the Inquiring Mind
SMT-273504 Math Modeling
SMT-273114 Mathematical Statistics
ART-223324 Media Arts
CHS-264514 Mental Health and the Law
SMT-271554 Minds and Machines
HIS-243324 Modern China
HIS-243444 Modern Political Theory
HIS-243384 Modern Russia: Building a Civil Society
BME-214414 Money and Banking
NUR-203204 Multigenerational Nursing
ART-224534 Museum Studies
CUL-223104 Mythology and Modern Life
HIS-243544 Nature in American History
HIS-243504 News in Historical Perspective
BME-213354 Not-for-Profit Management
SMT-273344 Numerical Methods
NUR-203064 Nursing Informatics
NUR-203074 Nursing Research
SMT-273644 Operating Systems
BME-214204 Operations Management
SMT-274104 Ordinary Differential Equations
CHS-264304 Organization and Management of Disaster Response
BME-214314 Organization Development and Change
BME-214614 Organizational Behavior
SMT-274534 Ornithology
HIS-242304 Pacific Asia: Culture and History
BME-212424 Personal Finance
CHS-264034 Personnel Management for the Fire and Emergency Services
CHS-264684 Perspectives on Terrorism
NUR-203044 Pharmacology
SMT-271074 Physics I
SMT-271084 Physics II
EDU-233092 Planning and Finalizing the Degree: Advanced
EDU-232092 Planning and Finalizing the Degree: Introductory
SMT-273524 Plant Ecology
HDV-284354 Play, Fantasy and Reality
CHS-264084 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Protection
SOC-264204 Politics and Religion in America
SMT-272044 Populations and Diseases
HDV-284332 Post-Traumatic Stress
SOC-284264 Power and Privilege
CHS-254064 Practicum in Human Services
SMT-271102 Precalculus
SMT-271204 Precalculus: Fundamentals of Mathematics
HDV-283404 Principles of Testing and Measurements
SOC-283274 Privacy, Security and Freedom: Social Concerns for the 21st Century
NUR-204054 Professional Issues and Leadership in Contemporary Nursing
CHS-263544 Program Planning and Evaluation
SMT-273454 Project Management
EDU-233052 Proposal Writing
CHS-264824 Protecting America: Cases and Controversies
HDV-284224 Psychology and Aging
CHS-264864 Psycho-Social Impacts of Mass Disasters
CHS-263524 Public Finance and Budgeting
HIS-243434 Public History: A Shared Conversation with the Past
BME-213634 Public Relations
BME-213664 Public Sector Labor Relations
SOC-284534 Qualitative Research: Design and Methods
SMT-214104 Quantitative Methods for Management
HDV-283604 Quantitative Research: Design and Methods
SMT-274344 Real Analysis: The Theory of Calculus
EDU-233022 Reflective Learning
CUL-224034 Religious Thought in World Perspective
HIS-244344 Renaissance and Reformation: Origins and Impacts
HDV-284244 Research Perspectives on Lifespan Development
CHS-264424 Risk Analysis and Hazard Mitigation
CUL-224124 Roots and Routes of African Diaspora Resistance
BME-214834 Sales Management
SOC-282244 Schooling in America
HIS-243454 Science and Technology in Western Culture
BME-214334 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
CHS-263954 Security Management
BME-213712 Selected Topics: LGBT Issues in the Workplace
HDV-284364 Sensation and Perception
BME-213454 Services Marketing
SOC-283324 Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Advanced
SOC-282324 Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Introductory
HDV-284994 Sexual Offending: Assessment and Treatment
CUL-223554 Shakespeare
SOC-284314 Social Change: Individual and Society
SOC-284324 Social Change: Paradoxes of Progress
CHS-254234 Social Policy Analysis
HDV-284064 Social Psychology
SMT-273404 Social/Professional Issues in IT/IS
SOC-284424 Sociology of Sports and Leisure
CUL-221304 Spanish 1
CUL-221314 Spanish 2
CUL-221414 Spanish in the World of Business
ART-223654 Special Topics in Art History
CUL-224404 Special Topics in Literature
SOC-264214 Special Topics in Political Science
CUL-223404 Speechwriting
BME-213854 Staffing the Organization
SOC-262224 State and Local Government
SMT-272384 Statistics: An Activity Based Approach
CUL-223024 Stories and Creative Leadership
BME-214504 Strategic Human Resource Management
HDV-282214 Stress and Coping
CHS-253214 Supervising Quality Child Care Programs
BME-214344 Supply Chain Management in the Global Context
SOC-283424 Survey of Social Science Research Methods
SMT-273224 Systems Analysis and Design
BME-214224 Technology and Innovation Management
CUL-223354 Television and Culture
CHS-264844 Terrorism and Homeland Security
HIS-243124 The African American Experience
ART-223374 The American Cinema
SOC-261204 The American Political System: An Introduction to American Governmen
SOC-263314 The American Presidency
HDV-283104 The Development of Gender Identity
HIS-224054 The Enlightenment
SMT-272334 The Future of Being Human
LAB-263724 The Global Workplace: Its Impact on Employers, Workers and Their Org
BME-213704 The Learning Organization
HIS-243414 The Middle East
ART-222024 The Photographic Vision
CUL-222114 The Pursuit of Happiness in American History
SMT-271364 The Science of Cooking
BME-213324 The Third Sector: Not-for-Profits in the United States
SOC-263344 The United States Constitution: A Survey
CHS-252104 The United States Health Systems
HIS-243224 The West in American Culture
HDV-284134 Theories of Personality
SOC-282264 Thinking About Race, Class and Gender
HIS-243364 Transformations During the Colonial Experience in America 1607-1776
EDU-232212 Transitions: Career and Educational Skills for Military and Veterans
EDU-233212 Transitions: Career and Educational Skills for Military and Veterans
SOC-283244 Travel and Tourism: A Critical Perspective
CUL-224024 U. S. Multicultural Fiction
CUL-224014 U. S. Women's Multicultural Life-Writings
HIS-241224 U.S. History From1865 to the Present
HIS-241214 U.S. History to 1865: What Does It Mean To Be A Free Nation?
HIS-243254 U.S. Women's History: Lives and Voices
CHS-263604 Understanding Crime and Justice
HIS-243394 United States in a Global Context
LAB-263704 United States Labor History
HIS-243304 Urban Studies
HIS-243294 Vietnam: A Cross-National Interdisciplinary Perspective
SMT-272964 Visual BASIC: Computer Programming
ART-224424 Visual Literacy: Advanced
ART-222424 Visual Literacy: Introductory
SMT-271514 Visualizing Mathematics
SMT-271202 Voter Math
CUL-253424 Water Talks: Rights and Cultures
SMT-273254 Web Systems Development
HDV-283374 Western Civilization and Human Development
ART-224514 What is Art?
SMT-272514 Winter Ecology
BME-213224 Women in Business: Managing and Leading
SOC-283414 Women, Crime and Criminology
CUL-224114 Women, Girls and the Media
HIS-242214 Women's Testimonials: The Voices of Human Rights in Latin America
ART-222234 World Art from 1400 to the Present
ART-221324 World Art to 1400
HIS-243314 World Population